Afghanistan students studying in India seek MEA help as savings exhausted, scholarships stopped and no jobs

Afghanistan students studying in India seek MEA help as savings exhausted, scholarships stopped and no jobs
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The future of nearly 600 Afghan nationals who came to India for higher studies has become bleak after the Taliban took over their country. After that, all contacts with their relatives, friends and family members ended and the embassy office which was operating in different cities in India became inactive due to the regime change. Moreover, their scholarships were stopped which made their life even more miserable. Moreover, due to the pandemic, there are no combat services which makes it impossible for them to return to their country, alleged Afghan students stranded in India.

Speaking to the Free Press Journal, Safdar Khan, 28, who received his master’s degree from Gujarat University and now resides in Mumbai, said, “My visa expires in April and after that, I don’t know how I’m going to run things here. Due to a student visa, I don’t get Job anywhere.Although I am a qualified individual my situation has become bleak.Covid has exacerbated the situation.And my savings have also exhausted.My scholarship has been suspended.I used to get a scholarship of Rs 10,000 until August last year,but Now I have to spend out of my pocket on rent and food. My family cannot send the money to me as the India-Afghanistan transaction has been stopped.”

Khan was working in the Afghanistan Council and came to India for higher education.

Khan emphasized that “the Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) should help us. They must have signed some agreements with the previous Afghan government. Just because the Taliban came to power, all previous agreements cannot be rejected.” When asked if he would like to go back to his country, he immediately replied hesitantly, “I will kill there. If they know that I come from India, I will not deliver, instead I would like to live here I will. I would love to enroll in a university for a course Certainly where I can stay here for a year or so and then move to another place or country when the situation in my place improves.”

Similarly, Zara Razahi, one of the 190 female students studying in India, has completed her master’s degree in political science from the University of Mumbai, but now she finds herself in danger as the current pandemic and distribution in Afghanistan has hijacked her dreams of doing something. for her country. Controlling her emotions, she said, like the other 600 doomed students, she also couldn’t go back to Afghanistan. “We don’t see any immediate future in our country. We have pinned our hope on the Government of India to expand our scholarship,” she said.

While the students who were studying in India and returned to Afghanistan for vacation before the Taliban took control of their country, now they want to go back to India to complete their studies. They did correspondence with the Indian government; However, she did not receive any appropriate response. A copy of the speech is in the Free Press Journal. The letter written by a doctoral student at the University of Mysore, Oneb Dadgar, a resident of Nangarhar province, Afghanistan, says, “On August 15, 2021, the Taliban seized our beloved nation for the second time. There are more than 2,500 Afghan students enrolled in Indian universities waiting for visas to be issued so that they can Back to India.Details have been shared by our ambassador in India, he has asked the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) to expedite the issuance of visas to those students who are in Afghanistan.India’s policy of issuing visas to Afghans has changed after the Taliban took control of our country.We students are neutral, And we’re not in politics. We don’t really know why the Indian government has rejected us? Regime change shouldn’t hurt our lessons.”

The Free Press Journal earlier also reported on the complaint of Afghan students studying in India, who are hoping to get some relief from the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) financially. The ICCR official at the time was quoted, “Currently, there are no slots available so ICCR can’t do anything.” In fact, this newspaper also spoke to the Consulate General of Afghanistan in Mumbai, Ms. Zakiya Wardak who was quoted as “The families of Afghan students studying in India are unable to support them financially. Two students did not get their scholarship and we are working on it. We have drawn up lists students who are eligible for the scholarship and within a day or two we will send the list to the ICCR central office in Delhi.”

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Posted on: Thursday, January 13, 2022 at 11:59 PM IST


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